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As a strategic innovation expert and seasoned AI product manager, I bring a unique blend of financial engineering, data science, machine learning, and an entrepreneurship-based MBA from HEC Montréal. My mission is to drive transformational growth for organizations and build people-centric companies that leave a positive impact on the world.

Key differentiators and strengths:

  • Building and nurturing top-tier technical teams to execute large-scale, high-value projects

  • Developing and launching cutting-edge AI products that revolutionize capital markets and financial services

  • Extensive experience in financial markets and counterparty credit, uniquely positioning me to craft impactful AI product strategies

  • Seamlessly connecting technical complexities with strategic business objectives, fostering collaboration and communication among teams and stakeholders for flawless execution

My passion is to harness innovation strategy to generate enduring value, positioning organizations at the cutting edge of their industries. Transforming AI-driven visions into executed realities.

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